Why should I A/B Test? I know what will work better!

We ask our colleagues on a weekly basis which content option performed better in an A/B test, inspired by a site called ‘whichtestwon’ (which seems to be out of operation these days). Sometimes the text is different, sometimes it’s a different picture, or just a different colour.

We then looked at how good they were at guessing the winner. It turns out, my colleagues and me outperform a monkey throwing darts with a very small margin. This could of course just be us, but it’s probably also true for you!

We also discovered during the testing that seemingly small changes can have big impact.

Of course you can find some great blogs about why you should be experimenting for yourself. I liked this article with 12 examples of A/B test results with big differences!

And if you want to know more about what it takes to run A/B tests, this article explains it very well!

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