Are your neighbours young or old?

I think the age distribution of the neighbourhood I live in in Amsterdam has changed quite a bit in the recent years. There are more and more kids coming in, ‘replacing’ older people. To see if I could find the facts about this, I went to the Open Data Portal of the city of Amsterdam..

There, you can find the ‘Basisbestand Gebieden Amsterdam (BBGA)‘. I was also inspired by a tweet from that had this in it:

Example UK

It turns out that all the relevant data is in the BBGA file, so it was possible to create the same view for Amsterdam (only on 5 year intervals). These are the biggest neighbourhoods in terms of population:

Top 14 neighbourhoods Amsterdam

You can already see some huge differences and some interesting neighbourhoods in here.

Ijburg west for example, has a typical shape of many families with small children living there, while the Oude Pijp is a typical place where students and starters live.

Some other fun facts:

Highest percentage of babies and toddlers (0-4 year olds) in Elzenhagen

Elzenhagen most 0-4 year olds

Highest percentage of kids in IJburg Zuid

IJburg Zuid most kids

Highest percentage over 65 in Buitenveldert Oost

Buitenveldert highest in over 65

For now, I have created all the visuals in Excel, next step on my list is to create a D3 chart where you can select your own area, and compare for yourself!

The excel file is here: Population per Amsterdam Neighbourhood

Oh, and after being distracted, I went to have a look if my neighbourhood has gotten younger, and it turns out it did, but not necessarily over the last couple of years. I compared it with the data of 2005 in this graph:

Comparison neighbourhood over time

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