Bar chart races!

Thanks to @jburnmurdoch my twitter timeline is full of Bar chart races these day. And now Flourish have made it even easier to create one yourself, so I really wanted to make one as well.

🚨New template alert! 🚨

Inspired by @jburnmurdoch and @MattNavarra … you can now make “bar chart race” viz in Flourish in seconds without coding 🙂

Fully responsive and complete with filters and other features. Enjoy!— Flourish (@f_l_o_u_r_i_s_h) 21 maart 2019

Of course, first deciding on the visualisation you are going to use and then finding data to go with it is the wrong way around, but they just look so nice :-).

  • Here is a race over the last 20 years between the different age groups living in Amsterdam:

The visual clearly shows that the 20-34 age group is becoming more and more dominant in the city of Amsterdam.

  • And here is one with the number of university students per university in the Netherlands:

Showing that female students outnumber their male counterparts at most universities. The only exception is the Technical University of Delft, where the men still far outnumber the women.

And a final one about life expectancy data from the Worldbank:

The nice extra feature of the Flourish template is that you can use the legend to filter categories, which for this last one is especially nice since I think filtering out Europe and North America makes this a more interesting race..

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