Births per neigbourhood of Amsterdam sonified

This tweet got me excited to try out twotone, a way to turn your data into a song!

Today we’re making noise (no pun intended) with TwoTone, a free, open source, browser-based tool to sonify data by @datavized and @GoogleNewsInit. Upload data, choose variables, instruments, speed and other features and listen:— Alberto Cairo (@albertocairo) 6 maart 2019

For my song, I looked at the births per neighborhood in Amsterdam (you can find the data here). This graph shows the development in births per neighborhood of Amsterdam (using 1996 as base year).

Oost shows the biggest increase, mostly coming from IJburg and Zeeburg, while Zuidoost is showing a steady decrease.

And this is what that sounds like!

Births of Amsterdam sonified

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