Coloring cities based on streetnames

Recently I saw this tweet from @puntofisso where he coloured the roads of urban areas mainly in England, based on their names.

He got his inspiration from this article from @Erdavis and @cedscherer.

I used and adapted his code that uses Osmnx for Python to create maps of Dutch cities, colored by their streetnames.

Here’s Amsterdam:


The Canals are clearly visible, and besides that streets dominate Amsterdam. If you zoom in in the canal area, you also notice quite some alleys.

The Hague has a couple of neighbourhoods that are filled with lanes:

There are also a lot of streets, and quite some neighbourhoods that are filled with other types of names.

One of the most extraordinary cities is Bilthoven, the city with no street at all (thanks to @Straatnamen for this tip).


Eindhoven is a very ‘Lany’ city:



Delft has a large number of ‘paths’:

Rotterdam has a lot of streets, but also a lot of ‘Kades’

Lelystad has almost no ‘normal’ names:

And Haarlem has a great coverage!


Utrecht has a neighborhood full of ‘Dreef”s:


Some other cities:




Curious about other cities? Leave a comment and I can add it!

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