Colouring cities based on streetnames

Recently I saw this tweet from @puntofisso where he coloured the roads of urban areas mainly in England, based on their names.

He got his inspiration from this article from @Erdavis and @cedscherer.

I used and adapted his code that uses Osmnx for Python and this made it very easy to create my own visuals for Dutch cities.

Here’s Amsterdam:


Gracht, Kade, Weg, Straat, Laan, Dreef, Steeg, Other

The Canals are clearly visible, and besides that streets dominate Amsterdam. If you zoom in in the canal area, you also notice quite some alleys.

The Hague has a couple of neighbourhoods that are filled with lanes:

There are also a lot of streets, and quite some neighbourhoods that are filled with other types of names.

Eindhoven is a very ‘Lany’ city:






Lelystad has almost no ‘normal’ names:

And Haarlem has a great coverage!



Curious about other cities? Leave a comment and I can add it!

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