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Excel is the omnipresent tool to work with data in the world, and it is loved and hated because of this. In this post you will find some useful links, some horror stories and some fun with excel. I strongly believe that you can save yourself a lot of time if you increase your Excel skills!

Useful Resources:

You can obviously find a ton of resources about everything imaginable around Excel. Some of my favourites:

  • Excel is fun: A Youtube channel with over 3.000 videos that teach you specific parts of Excel, from basics to very advanced. With well over 500K subscribers this is a very big channel.
  • Excelexposure: An Excel online course with video’s and a workbook to do exercises in. The start already feels welcoming:

Welcome to Excel Exposure!
Congratulations on deciding to improve your Excel skills!
Sometimes the hardest part is getting started, so you’re already doing a great job!
The goal of Excel Exposure is to expose the world to the amazing functionality of Microsoft Excel. This site is an easy reference for Excel users of all skill levels helping you to develop and refine your skills, become more efficient, and most importantly, save time!

Horror Stories and mistakes:

Of course, stuff can also go very wrong. If you need an extra incentive to get started with the resources mentioned above, then definitely read about the 5 greatest spreadsheet errors of all time. Also helpful is this article about 10 common spreadsheets mistakes

And to end up with some fun:
  • Some people love excel so much they even create a video clip about it, watch this great clip from Clint Tuttle

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