The Factbeast Skills

There are a lot of different skills you can develop to be a better Factbeast, here you can find useful resources for that!

Problem Solving


  • Back of the envelope calculations
  • You can practice this everywhere! What will your grocery bill be? The bill in the restaurant? How many piano tuners are there in your city?


Basic math skills


  • Of course there are many many other tools that you can learn, but the world would be a better place if everybody would be a little bit better at excel
  • Already a Guru? Help others by letting them discover the power of pivots
  • Still more of a novice? Don’t be afraid, try out stuff and ask the closest Guru to teach you

Data literacy

  • Can the outcome be true? Do you come at the same solution in a different way?
  • What’s the source of the data? What are the definitions being used?

Data informed decision making

  • It’s not about everything, you need just enough information to make the decision
  • Use small experiments to find evidence and reduce uncertainty
  • Business cases are overrated

In the end, it’s about turning data to insights to action